What if politics is broken?

Perspectiva’s sister site What is Emerging? publishes a new article by Indra Adnan: The Politics of Waking Up: Power and Possibility in the Fractal Age. Indra writes:

What if politics itself is really broken, meaning completely unfit for purpose in these wholly new times? Politicians and parties, largely caught up in old ideology and binary dynamics, stuck in a top down agenda for controlling us – the people. Lacking the imagination to get us away from the past? Maybe what is needed today is a politics that puts the need for human agency at the heart of the project? Connecting people to a more sustainable and technologically-enhanced economy? So we can be part of building the future? 

“If that sounds idealistic, she says, “then look carefully, because – in small ways – it is already happening.” An important part of the transition, she suggests, is:

A fractal politics must shift the focus away from Westminster and look for the local and municipal energy that can connect human flourishing with planetary flourishing.

Image: detail of the bus station in Preston, a town hailed by some for an inspirational new approach to social and economic development 

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