New books, new stories

Caspar Henderson

Here are couple of publications worth attention. Recently published, and presented by the author on 23 October at an event at The Political Economy Research Centre at Goldsmith’s, University of London is The Case for the Green New Deal by Anne Pettifor:

To protect the future of life on earth, we need to do more than just reimagine the economy—we have to change everything. One of the seminal thinkers of the program that helped ignite the US Green New Deal campaign, Ann Pettifor explains how we can afford what we can do, and what we need to do, before it is too late.

The Case for the Green New Deal argues that economic change is wholly possible, based on the understanding that finance, the economy and the ecosystem are all tightly bound together. The GND demands total decarbonization and a commitment to an economy based on fairness and social justice. It proposes a radical new understanding of the international monetary system. Pettifor offers a roadmap for financial reform both nationally and globally, taking the economy back from the 1%. This is a radical, urgent manifesto that we must act on now.

“Man is a marvellous curiosity,” wrote Mark Twain in his Letters from the Earth (circa 1909); “When he is at his very, very best he is a sort of low grade nickel-plated angel; at his worst he is unspeakable, unimaginable.” 14th November 2019 sees the publication that showcases humanity at its best. Letters to the Earth is an anthology of letters from Extinction Rebellion’s ‘Day of Love’ on 19 April this year. Featuring both young activists and well-known names, the letters are grouped under the headings ‘Love’, ‘Loss’, ‘Emergence’, ‘Hope’ and ‘Action.’

“How do we start from imperfect places and end up somewhere better?” asks Julia Steinbrecher in a 22 October post (On Extinction Rebellion and Doing the Work). These volumes, and others, should help.

Header image from the Campaign Against Climate Change.

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